Generative AI in African Higher Education

Key to Transformation or Just Another Imported Fad?

Presented by e/merge Africa and the Digital Education Consulting (DEC) group in partnership with the Southern University System (SUS) of Louisiana, USA. (Further partnerships to be added.)Join the African Horizons AI Festival online from 21 October – 1 November as we form new communities of practice and inquiry to explore the current and potential integration of generative AI in African Higher Education through debate of scholarly papers, reflection on the growing body of practice, panels on hot issues including the ethical and cultural underpinnings, and workshops on the emerging practices and tools.African Horizons AI Festival online will be multilingual to spark learning and collaboration between colleagues in Anglophone, Arabic speaking, Francophone and Lusophone Africa. Arabic, French and Portuguese versions of this site will be available soon and we are exploring the best services offering live AI powered translation of events.The why questions will precede the how as we consider how to use generative AI tools to transform the nature of learning experiences in African Higher Education through the lenses of culture, language, pedagogy, learning design, technology enhanced learning and institutional change.


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