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Our training are all hybrid and supported by a Moodle portal with many courses - see our Professional Training Portal here.

Post-Covid Strategies for Academic Success

Our proposed webinars and professional training sessions and resources align to national effort to transform the college student experience and create equitable learning environments through innovative, evidence-based practices that increase degree attainment. Research shows that when students experience a sense of belonging, support on campus and in the classroom, and engaged in te learning process, they’re more likely to persist through academic challenges and earn their degrees. 

SUBR Fall Workshop Series: The Inclusive Syllabus

As Academic Affairs is ready to implement the Concourse Syllabus Management Sustem as part of our instructional tools, we found it very timely to host a workshop on Inclusive Syllabus. 
When students read your syllabus, they are not just wondering, “Which textbook should I buy?” and “When is the midterm?” They are also wondering, “Can I succeed in this course?” and “Do I belong in this field?” The messages students receive early on can shape their perceived answers to these questions, and impact the way they experience your course throughout the term. 

Professional Training (PT) from our global partners

SUNY Self-pace course: Interested in teaching online

This course is designed to introduce you to teaching online – the concepts, competencies, pedagogies, and practices that are required to plan, develop, and teach an online course. Along with introducing you to these key topics, this course will showcase the perspectives of students, faculty, and instructional designers who have a wide range of experience teaching and learning online.

SUNY Resources:  Facilitating Online Teaching

These are helpful resources to help you start your journey to learn more about online teaching. Everything from gauging your own readiness for online teaching, to hearing from online faculty and students about their online teaching and learning experiences. Completing the activities on this page can be a your first step to online delivery of instruction!

First Day Toolkit

Improving the messages and signals students receive on the first day of class to foster growth mindset, belonging, and equity in student experience .
The First Day Toolkit is a suite of free resources designed to help institutions engage instructors in revising their syllabi and other messages that students receive on the first day of class to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment. By fostering a positive student experience in the classroom, institutions can increase a student’s likelihood of persevering through academic challenges to graduation.

STEM Faculty

An important goal of the scientific community is broadening the achievement and participation of racial minorities in STEM fields. Yet, professors’ beliefs about the fixedness of ability may be an unwitting and overlooked barrier for stigmatized students.

5 ways to contribute to student self-efficacy in your courses

Instructors in the SEP improved students’ overall experiences of their learning environments - READ ARTICLE

How Can Institutions of Higher Education Measure and Improve Their Students’ Experiences?

Diack Research

ULL Institutional partnership

UL Webinar Portal
Throughout each semester, the Instructional Support Team delivers interactive webinars and workshops on up-to-date best practices, standards, and tools for teaching online. These professional development opportunities are most relevant to faculty who have already completed our courses and are certified to teach online and hybrid courses. Registration opens on SignUpGenius at the beginning of the semester and remains open until the day of the webinar.

What are Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)?Faculty Learning Communities, or FLCs, are small groups — typically 6-8 people — organized around a topic or cohort. These communities have been implemented at several higher education institutions to advance faculty development through peer-to-peer development activities.
Diack Research

Justwrite India

Our effective ed-tech trainings, online facilitations equipped many teachers to manage their courses in Moodle LMS. And in Creating Engaging Interactive Content for their teaching learning environment.