This research group interests are in the areas of:
 Open Education Practices (OEP): Centered around the design and deployment of inclusive learning environment that provide Affordable Learning Solutions.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for STEM: The AI4STEM research is an interdisciplinary hub hosting scholars from disciplines of STEM housed into the College of Science and Engineering at SUBR and global partners.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Development: AI4D is to improve the quality of life for all in Africa and beyond by partnering with Africa’s science and policy communities to leverage AI through high-quality research, responsible innovation, and talent strengthening

Open Education Practices (OEP)

We are involved in international cooperative formed for the purpose of aggregating and making freely accessible high quality online resources to improve learning and teaching within higher education. See here for resources we have developed. We have accomplished pioneering work engaging Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) having initiated a HBCU Affordable Learning Network. We have done a pioneering work regarding interactive resources. Supported by an open community, H5P is free and open software application that enables you to create, share, and reuse interactive HTML5 content in your browser. The H5P organization is also supporting an H5POER Hub. Here's the announcement of the H5P/Joubel and MERLOT-SkillsCommonspartnership.MERLOT-SkillsCommons is launching an H5P initiative to support the reuse, remixing, and revising of OER. Dr. Moustapha Diack is directing the initiative.Learn more about our strategy.

AI-STEM and Machine Learning

The AI4STEM Education and Research is an interdisciplinary hub hosting scholars from the College of Sciences and Engineering (CSE) at SUBR and international partners. This research is at the crossroad of academic integration of AI and the development of solutions to improve the quality of Education. We aim to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, specifically focusing on using AI to advance STEM education. We plan the following activities:
  • Host seminars for faculty members and graduate students on relevant topics to foster interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Invite guest speakers to present cutting-edge research.
  • Organize workshops to advance the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • Announce opportunities, events, and achievements.
  • Support interdisciplinary external grant development.
  • Provide outreach to K-12 schools, teachers, and students.
Our partners include the Ai4STEM Center at Mary College.

AI For Development

We partner with the AI4D Global organizationto conduct international research focusing on the use of AI for economic development touching all sectors including health, agriculture. Africa aims to support the development of responsible AI research and policy from Africa. We co-organize the AIHorizonAfrica Festival focusing on Pedagogical integration of AI.
Diack is  Founding Director of Teranga AI, a Senegalese National Network to deploy AI technologies for economic development. See Teranga AI web site and the Teranga AI LinkedIN Group here.

 Professor Moustapha Diack, publication Blogs are available, (1) AI for STEM Educationand (2) AI for Development.; We showcase some  Keynote Presentations: -1-  “AI in African Higher Education: Impact, Challenges, and Prospects” Invitation Talk, E/Merge Africa Network, University of Cape Town, South Africa;
-2-  Intelligence Artificielle et Médecine en Afrique : Une Révolution en Matièred’Éducation Médicale. Moustapha DIACK, Mohamed Lamine CAMARA, Africa Digital Education, October 13-14, 2023
3. L’intelligence Artificielle en Enseignement Supérieur : Impacts, Enjeux et Perspectives. Moustapha DIACK, Daniel STANFORD, Africa Digital Education, October 13-14, 2023.

Professor Moustapha Diack was appointed as member of the Scientific Committee of Afria – See Afria Global:Artificial Intelligence for Africa and Francophonie.

 Louisiana K-12 Outreach: Meyinsse Teachers' Symposium on AI in Learning

 To uphold Dr. Joseph Meyinsse’s commitment to educational excellence by fostering the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in teaching practices throughout Louisiana. This initiative will showcase innovative methodologies that cater to diverse student needs and enhance teaching efficiency.
See here:

We are standard-bearer in promoting Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) in Learning Design

Professor Moustapha Diack is a Senior Learning Designer with 25+ years of experience in designing online courses and degree programs. he received numerous Awards in Online eLearning and Quality Assurance. He is a champion and a standard-bearer in promoting Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
Our work with content and learning environment design aligns with the JEDi Framework and we strive to be a standard-bearer in promoting Justice, equity, diversity  and inclusion. We apply JEDI to the design of learning environment and conduct research on the effectiveness of JEDI Practices.

AI Literacy and Professional Development

We offer a Literacy course entitled “Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom: Cultivating Critical Skills for a Digital Future” to prepare faculty and teacher. We have have designed research course toAI in Academic Research and Publication.

Contact Prof. Diack for your professional Development needs:
225 803 2491